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Company name : HRW Companies, LLC
Location : Hannibal, MO 63401
Position : Housekeeper

Description :
Harold & Louise, ALF is family owned and proud to carry on a legacy of caring for people. We provide a safe and pleasant home for adults with mental illness, and we strive to go beyond the norm to provide a better quality of life for our residents! Your job will be to ensure housekeeping duties are completed in accordance with our company’s policies and regulatory guidelines. The housekeeper must have attention to detail, be self-motivated, and energetic. The housekeeper should be able to work in a fast paced, diverse setting, and be capable of adapting to the needs of the residents.

Housekeepers must follow specific directions and schedules. They must be thorough in their work and pay attention to details. Housekeepers need coordination skills to perform numerous duties within a specific period. Familiarity with cleaning and disinfecting materials is important to determine appropriate solutions for specific cleaning needs. Residential Care Facility housekeepers also need experience with various cleaning tools, like vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Housekeepers work on their feet most of the day, so physical endurance is necessary to carry supplies and reach cleaning areas.

Position open: Night Shift

Daily duties include:

Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
Replenishing supplies
Sweeping and mopping
Emptying trashcans
Cleaning air vents and fans
Dusting furnishings and horizontal surfaces
Disinfecting door handles, surfaces, rails, etc.
Proper mixing of chemicals
Cleaning chemicals are potentially dangerous, and housekeepers must handle them properly to avoid injury
Other tasks as requested by Supervisory Staff

Some housekeeping duties within a Residential Care Facility are only performed periodically or as needed, such as:

Preparing a room for a new resident
Cleaning curtains or blinds
Inventorying residents’ belongings
When housekeepers observe potential maintenance issues or resident concerns, they report them to management.


Life Insurance (Company Paid)
Personal Time Off (PTO)

We promote career advancement and strive to provide a supportive work environment. We invite you to apply!

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