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Company name : USPI
Location : Somerville, NJ
Position : Surgical Center Administrator

Description :
United Surgical Partners International is currently searching for an Administrator.
Job Summary
Responsible for directing, coordinating and controlling all aspects of the operating functions, processes, and staff of the facility while demonstrating the primary goal of efficiently providing surgical services that exceed customer expectations and improve clinical and financial operations.
Responsibilities and Expectations
The daily operation of the facility.
Serving, along with any committee appointed for the purpose, as a liaison between the Governing Board, the Medical Staff and all departments of the facility.
Reporting the pertinent activities concerning the facility to the Governing Board at regular intervals.
Appointing a person responsible for the facility in the absence of the Administrator.
Planning for the services provided by the facility and the operation of the facility.
Overall management of the Partnership as outlined in the Operating or Limited Partnership Agreement as applicable.
Lead discussion/presentation during Monthly Operations Review call with USPI’s Home Office team
Business Operations
Deploy, monitor and ensure that USPI’s EDGETM is the foundation of the facility’s operational processes and appropriately integrated within the facility’s QPI program
Ensure compliance with USPI’s policy and procedures as related to internal controls
Develop, monitor and control the staffing needs, operations budget and capital budget.
Develop, monitor and control the purchasing plan to stay within the proposed budget and maintain compliance with group purchasing initiatives.
Ensure compliance with government regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies.
Negotiate and control all external contracts, such as those with physicians, ancillary services, plant maintenance, and purchasing agreements.
Establish pricing for procedures based on cost analysis and local market standards.
Foster positive work relationships among all departments of the facility and act as liaison between UPSI’s Home Office and all staff at the facility.
Develop and ensure compliance with appropriate departmental policy and procedure manuals for use by the staff.
Closely monitor variations in the financial performance of the facility to avoid cash flow problems.
Personnel Administration.
Personnel Administration
Hold at least monthly staff meeting outlining goals and priorities of the facility.
Manage exempt and non-exempt employees in accordance with the facility policies utilizing sound principles of practice and fairness.
Review employee performance as evaluated by their respective managers, ensuring that reviews occur as scheduled or at least annually for each employee.
Review and approve the disciplinary action and/or discharge of employees.
Evaluate management performance and other staff as designated.
Approve the addition or deletion of positions as well as approve applicants for employment in new or vacant positions.
Develop employee productivity analysis, utilizing USPI’s Staff Tracker, and assure efficiency of staff levels through increases or reductions in the work force as necessitated by changes in surgical case volume.
Implements a program of job based orientation, training, and ongoing evaluation for all employees.
Manage all employee files and records.
Provide educational opportunities for professional staff development. – Promote the implementation of positive customer relations by the employees and physicians.
Clinical Services
Promotes that the surgical programs and clinical services are in compliance with the respective components of regulatory body and accrediting body standards. – Work in conjunction with the Medical Director and Medical Executive Committee in the evaluation and development of existing and new surgical services at the facility.
Manage the clinical departments of nursing, central supply, medical records, and housekeeping, and supervise the contracted services of laboratory, radiology, pharmaceuticals, laundry and biomedical engineering.
Monitor the adequate function of surgical equipment and patient care equipment through contracted services and follow-up on repairs. Marketing and Planning
Develop and implement a sales/marketing plan and lead the facility’s sales team in accordance with USPI’s Sales Plan and the business plan for the facility.
Identify and develop new services defined as appropriate for ambulatory surgery centers.
Foster positive public relations.
Quality Improvement
Develop, evaluate and promote implementation of a continuous quality improvement program.
Administer the infection control program and medical staff review of the quality improvement program.
Identify and correct quality care issues.
Develop statistical indicators to use in evaluating the overall operations and quality of care provided.
Serve as a member of the Quality Improvement Committee.
Medical Staff Relationships
Process the credentialing of practitioners of the facility.
Collaborate with the Medical Director in the review and revision of the Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules and Regulations on a biannual basis.
Collaborate with the Medical Director and serve as a liaison in problem areas with the medical staff. – Promote positive relationships between employees and practitioners.
Develop a system whereby physician’s needs and their patients’ needs are defined in order to determine the proper mix of services and efficiencies.
Administrative Representative
Attend corporate administrative meetings representing the facility.
Act in accordance with the vision, mission, and business philosophy of the facility
Maintain membership in professional associations relevant to ambulatory surgery facilities and healthcare administration.
Stay current in changes in the healthcare environment, such as reimbursement, legislative issues and business law, and act accordingly in the best interest of the corporation.
Personal Development and Professionalism
Identify areas that require additional reinforcement through education, consultation, or practicum.
Attend all mandatory in-services and meetings.
Follow the facility’s professional conduct and dress code policy.
Maintain patient, physician, and employee privacy and confidentiality per policy.
Communicate effectively and courteously with visitors, physicians and their office staffs, patients and employees.
Criteria for Evaluation
Patient/family feedback
Annual Goals
Physician feedback
Employee feedback

Required Skills:
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience.
Nursing or Master’s degree preferred.
Minimum three years of experience in a top administrative or management position in the health field.
Good command of the English language, both verbal and written.
Ability to work well with physicians, employees, patients and others.
The Governing Board may determine other qualifications as seen fit.
Working Conditions and Physical Requirements
Mobility to move about the facility to supervise employees and activities.
Office environment typical, but frequent exposures to patient care areas.
USPI complies with federal, state, and/or local laws regarding mandatory vaccination of its workforce. If you are offered this position and must be vaccinated under any applicable law, you will be required to show proof of full vaccination or obtain an approval of a religious or medical exemption prior to your start date. If you receive an exemption from the vaccination requirement, you will be required to submit to regular testing in accordance with the law.

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